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Hello there! An incredible quantity of web sources and our task to do promotion on the Internet of our company made it necessary to organize the correct bookmarking also for us where we are trying to put all our registered sources as official representation, our SMM activities, and various accounts. We are trying to be quite active on the web and we hope it will show us nice results as well.To tell the truth main point is that 80% of potential customers google or binging (depending on what search engine you use) only the first page so it means the first 10 results. 18% go to the second page so mainly after the first 20 search results nobody cares what is next you can be triple professional and offer much better conditions than others but nobody will find you. So we have to backlink, we have to make promo articles, we have to make profiles and grow and grow with our Internet presence.

What we do

Precitools is a professional Industrial supplier with a location in Italy. Depending on the product we have representations also in other countries. We act with various solutions and offers for metal-fabrication production, factories, and workshops.

  • Tube bending tools

  • Press brake tools

  • Grinding machines for punch and dies

  • Electric CNC press brakes (only for Italian market)

  • Punching solutions and units for iron-workers, punching machines, press brakes

  • Various equipment for tube and sheet metal deformation

  • Technical consulting in tube and sheet metal processing industries

During the last few years, we made a lot of different supplies to a lot of countries in the world. We make quick deliveries in Europe and allow us to cover mainly all European countries with work directly with a potential customer moreover, we have some countries with supported local professional dealers. We are making sea- and air- shipments to other continents and our tools are working far away several thousand km. We like our customers, we respect them and we would like our relations will be last longer and longer and we will do our best to satisfy them.Besides the offers of the tooling and equipment, we know that we passed a lot of projects, studies, cases, etc, and could assist in a lot of ways in applications for metal deformation from tools and equipment recommendations finally to the offering of software, tech consulting, audition and support for material flows and factory management, etc. In our face, you can find a good and trustful partner for long-term cooperation.

Why we???

On the market, there are a huge number of companies with offering tools, goods, and services of the same type. Meanwhile, there could be an incredibly big difference in reaction to your inquiries, availability to process with all the technical study, professional quotations, and providing of all aspects for technic, engineering, and clear solutions for your parts and applications. We are looking forward to providing the perfect online service with quick replies, effective answers, fast reactions, and the best solution for a competitive price for all our products.

Digital activity

The modern market requests modern solutions and we count on digital and Internet support and sales. Quick messaging for fast communication and rapid support, online consulting, the possibility to study all the codes, and even the competitor's solution in minutes. Plus e-mail orders, fast payments, support for electronic payment in invoicing - all of this to make PRECITOOLS the supplier of the modern generation, modern ways of connection, and effective activities for all our customers. And for sure our engineers are professionals so we are not making just call centers with operators who cannot deal with technical questions.
Digital activity means also SEO - our work to promote our services and website to be more "visible" on the Internet. That is because we need to have more sources, more backlinks, more information about us, more profiles, more landing pages, and more websites where you can read and find about PRECITOOLS. Sure thing, what we can say to our potential customers if they will never find us?

PRECITOOLS press brake tools

Here we are in the web

BIO profiles

BIO profile services are incredibly helpful small sources to tell more about yourself. This service means that it will allow you to create a small page (it is not like a standard website building) but just small common blocks to put the information about you (photo or logo), small description, and links. It is very popular today, mainly among bloggers. Once main sources of social networks like Instagram allow inserting only one link, linking to a bio profile is useful to show more information about the account holder, more links, more ways to contact, and more connections in social networks.


Blogging is one of the biggest parts of the Internet which is full of private and corporative blogs about the things the authors are doing and thinking. We are "old-fashioned". For us, blogging means writing, not Instagram videos and photos, not Youtube, just plain text where photos and pictures are just additional information but not the main. In our blogs, we are talking about industrial things like our products, the main technologies of the tube and sheet metal proceeding, views of the market, exhibitions, and anything that is around our world! How many times are the people who are looking for SEO and how to promote online heard everywhere - "Make blogging"? So we are also doing it. But it is not only for promotion, but maybe our tests will be also helpful for any person.


Bookmarking - is a helpful service that allows you to save everything helpful you find on the Internet (links, articles, pages, pictures, videos whatever) for your account to have access from everywhere (for example your separate page). Do not like to overload browser bookmarks? Use bookmarking services. Some of them also allow previews, images, small descriptions, etc. so it will be not like a small string in the browser. Second nice thing that could be interesting for users - some bookmarking websites also allow not just to save the interesting on the web but to share it with others or even rate the interesting links. So it will be not just to "save for work" but also make helpful for others. Moreover, search engines could help to share your content with others, probably somebody will find it in the search string and come to your page. For sure you can divide bookmarks into groups, sub-groups, or topics (depending on the service you use). Very helpful to find something you saved for the future.

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